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Here is a true interview question and response example provided to me by an HR Director.


The job was for Vice President Sales at a group of companies which prided itself (even says so in its mission and corporate social responsibility statements) on staff retention and development.

It was a lead-in opening learning aptitude interview question:

Hiring Manager: “Tell me what was the most important thing you learnt from your current job managing your 20 sales staff?”

Candidate: “To lead a team to secure record breaking sales and at the same time maintain quality by firing those not performing and bottom of the league at the end of every second quarter.”

All I can say is this did not progress,  it was a learning question bad response, not a match to the company culture. There was no mention of supporting non-performers, development or other relevant statements by the candidate.

A few minutes on the company website and some coaching to frame expected question responses better, may have improved the chances of this candidate.

And no, this was not a candidate of mine before you ask, nor was it photocopier or other high product pressure sales products either.

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