CV Devaluation Travers Search This is a quick post, the topic is really important.

At a recent meeting, I sat and was discussing with someone their contact plan to seek a new job over a cup of coffee.

What a recruiter not doing the work themselves? He is mad?

I hear you say. No, not at all, perfectly insane as those who know me will testify.

There are times when a profile is special and if I am honest, the network is better than anything I could do cold-calling and representing them as a potential employee.

The only thing needed is a few hours of some specific coaching on how to make the approach and introduction call, then likely scenarios for the next steps.

So why a can of beans?  What is the point of the post?

In the middle of discussing the target and contact plan, the mobile telephone rings. It is a recruiter.

When asked “where did he get the number?” the usual deflector response came back from the recruiter “oh you must have applied for one of our old job advertisements.”

This one is as old as the hills, a number comes from a referral, old job advertisement responses, CV on a job board, a blog or a conference attendee list. A good recruiter will tell you but never name anyone.

For you, the big danger is, you do not know where your CV, personal contact and other details are and who can see them, or has seen them.  You are not in control.

You are as common as a can of beans on the supermarket shelf!

Imagine yourself, high level networking underway, calls made, coffee and other meetings in progress.

Then you find this activity is not leading anywhere as you expected.

The reality could easily be, the company already know you!

  • Your information is on the same job board CV databases as the recruiter.
  • Profile on LinkedIn viewed and passed over because of your connections to the company.
  • Anonymous CV / Resume detail submission by a recruiter based out of the country or city discussing you as a potential candidate.

The judgement may have already been formed, so if you want to work for a top notch consulting firm, Google, Facebook or elsewhere like at an ultra or  high net worth private banking unit.


Travers Search Quality CandidateYou need to know where your CV is.

Where and which companies you are being presented at, when and why.

More importantly and this is why.

You do not want to find that a recruiter had speculatively sent your CV to a company, to then find you were hired “directly” through your network.

He or she has every right to claim their fee and you may be starting with a bad mark against your name, if you start at all.

If discovered in the hiring process, do not be surprised if HR or someone else just drops you out of the recruitment process, stops being as interested in you and feels a little bit deceived because you are a surprise cost.

Recruiters have their own battle, HR or others use direct candidates as a way to avoid a fee, they have a budget to manage.

In a small number of cases, especially with recruiters not known to them, they will do all they can to avoid a fee. Thankfully if they work like me where all are told exactly what the lay of the land is, these issues do not pop up too often i.e. once every 3 years and usually that is due to someone not using a solid process for candidate tracking or management.

Have a think about it, I hope it makes sense.

Please think of your own product value, do not be a can of beans.

I would love to hear from you and your thoughts, your experiences you may want to share, good or bad.