Curious complacentThis one is as old as I can remember, yet are you even thinking in this way?

R&D or the innovation team work on a concept for 2-5 years with a client, even longer at times in engineering.

They are the window on their future, so to help you and your search for a new job, a few links to help your research:

Resource To Be Non- Curious Complacent



I also hear you saying “Andrew what does this have to do with my interview?”

Let me share a few thoughts, you will need to take this in the direction you need as you prepare yourself for those interviews.

1) New product development which may offer new IT, plant or machinery purchases in the Internet search results for new lines, robots or environmental upgrades. Are you aware, please be true to yourself, could they be linked to the filing of patents?

2) Increased depth of knowledge of sector, market or client activity – to read and understand a patent filing takes time. It is often challenged or referenced to others see: – imagine how different you will appear to the usual “Google search” and company website research candidates.

3) It is not just a “big company thing”, local employment may be nowhere near the research or innovation centre work. Yet it could signal a future joint venture because of other companies being listed on the same recent patent filing. Imagine asking the hiring manager what his thoughts are on this company direction, he may not even know, so be prepared to reference the url and give it the manager for their research. You will be remembered.

4) The experts are usually named on the patent filing, are you being interviewed by one of the names you read and noted? It is not uncommon to see a young engineer or technology expert who has filed patents being used as a peer level interviewer. They are often seen as the company high potentials.

5) This is your turn, now think how you can turn this information to your advantage. You are no longer curious complacent !

Every success is wished for you at interview, it is hoped this in some way helps as it is a search step in our research plans, so why not flip the coin over for you to use and benefit!

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