Interview Q & AThe interview often consists of 4 stages and is weighted towards questions and answers as you would expect.

You need to practise yourself your questions and answers, hopefully with a partner who can check your responses and timing.

Typical interview structure for a 1 hour interview:
  1. 5–10%  – 3 to 6 minutes for meet, greet, small talk and introduction.
  2. 60 -70% – 36 to 42 minutes for interview questions and conversation.
  3. 15 – 20% – 9 to 12 minutes for you to ask your specific questions.
  4. 5–10%  – 3 to 6 minutes to summarise interview and advise follow-up steps.

The windows of time for you to effectively put your points across are not large, hence the suggestion to consider rehearsing some of your questions and responses to enable you to make the best use of the time you have.

The final step not listed relates to your need to send a thank you note to the interviewer, which to be honest you knew already and is why it was not included in the typical interview structure list.