job huntingIt is important for any job seeker to demonstrate a solid understanding and knowledge of job search technologies and approaches.

The problem, technology moves forward every day, you may be a little out of date.

Time spent at the start reviewing your position and your tools will ensure you will do a good job search, in a planned organised professional way.

Hence the quick guide new job search checklist, to gently remind you of past activities and to give you some pointers.

What actions should be included:

  1. Use of an email address appropriate and acceptable for business use. Too many spam controls exist today which can create issues on application delivery or create the wrong impression. A common one is the use of one from college or University where the email address contains a date,  an age calculator. It could rule you out of a process so stay safe with a “Firstname.last name” format or similar.
  2. Consider the purchase of a separate SIM for your mobile telephone, or if happy using your phone, please ensure it stays charged and topped up with credit.
  3. Record a professional voicemail message (examples link), as you would do for work. It should include your name and an offer of a specific timeframe in which you will return the call. Candidates rarely make the call back step. It enables a recruiter or a hiring manager to confirm the right person is receiving their message and that they will have their call returned.
  4. Review your professional presence, user identities and consider adding your preferred social media public profile url for Xing, Viadeo or others. Look at Facebook, Twitter and other sites, clean them up, review public settings and delete what you would not like to show a proud grandmother or grandfather!
  5. Check your CV / Resume for errors, create different file formats (.pdf , .doc or .txt) and versions with and without your photograph. This will make your life easier because some company application management systems and job boards specify file version types.
  6. Pay for a one off purchase of Salesforce contact manager or use a free robust address and contact notes webmail system. A hosted system will save a pre-interview panic moment, enable you to check, log and reference activities without having to waste too much time.
  7. Decide on use of a personalised business card from a supplier such as Vistaprint or others. It does not need to be more than two colour ( black print on white) and detail your name and contact information, so should not cost too much.
  8. Review Skype, your mobile telephone and fixed line call charges and payment plans. You will need to make contact to hiring companies and recruiters. All services offer good terms for a small subscription fee. Skype has the added advantage that you can be video interviewed, just like a conference call or face to face meeting.
  9. Rehearse interview questions and answers, use Youtube and other resource, possibly even read the Q&A series on Englishrecruiter (or use the category select menu on the left of the page).
  10. Reflect on anything else you may need, it could be an inexpensive computer printer to produce printed copy Cvs, a headset for Skype, or some apps which may make your job search easier.
  11. This is up to you – Please do comment if you think can add something useful which could help others. The email address and log-in information is simply to prevent spam.