About English Recruiter

About English Recruiter


Born in: England

Lived In: England, Singapore, Germany, Switzerland

Work Today As: Recruiter / “Headhunter”

Employer: Myself

Prior Work: B2B and B2C European and UK sales


Having reached a certain age, someone told me to write an e-book.  I thought it was time to skill up and learn to do something new, hence this blog for 2015 and beyond.


For Job Hunters it is hoped that you feel you can take away some interesting pointers to aid you in your search for a new job. You will read posts made by someone  with actual multi-country placement experience which includes France and Germany (remember I am English so be careful when speaking to me about football or rugby), China, Russia, Switzerland, the United Kingdom.


For Hiring Managers, Recruiters or HR, you see a useful resource and demonstration of actual recruiting experience.