How To Get The Best From This Blog

English Recruiter Blog Not Hired CategoryImportant things you should know regarding this blog which will help you.

It started late 2014, to prepare for a more active 2015, content ideas are welcomed, just send an email to info (at) Englishrecruiter .com.

My contact information and personal information is deliberately not published on the blog, it is made known to newsletter subscribers.

Any daily life content of interest found whilst working as a recruiter or provided by contacts and others will be fed out by Twitter, click here to follow.

Blog re-direct website or suggested will be “clean” no affiliation unless clearly stated, nor is your email sign-up address used for any other purpose than Englishrecruiter website comments to verify you are not a spammer or to verify you for the newsletter.

So, to get the best from this blog, you may want:

To actively search posts by category which is limited in choice to keep clutter to a minimum. For those seeking a job, there are two types of post, small reference articles and longer 1500+ posts which cover key stages or steps in recruitment, such as telephone interviews.

To sign-up for blog posts to your inbox OR a separate FREE monthly newsletter which has a double opt-in. This is deliberate, so please click to opt-in when the email arrives, it helps us both to control spam control and issues relating to fake profile sign-ups.

Use the RSS feed may be preferred as an alternative. For Google Chrome users, you need to add an rss feed plug-in as the browser no-longer supports rss feeds.

Share content with others, this is not a problem. Most posts have the share buttons attached, all I ask is that if you take an extra step, you make a source reference or let me know. What is an extra step, a copy paste and post on your own blog, website or elsewhere, or use in a training session. You never know, by dropping me a note, I may have other resources to give and help you.

To comment, please understand it will need to be approved and 99.9% of the time will be published unless you tell me not to do so. Your contribution could help others and have a positive impact.

So to close, thank you for visiting  English Recruiter, your investment in time reading this page is appreciated.